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Even though there’s only one reality all of us experience it differently.

We spend our lives interpreting reality, our culture, feelings, expectations, etc. These interpretations are like a veil that keeps us from seeing reality as it is.

Unconscioussly we create a universe that revolves around our own ego. We create our own isolated reality, removed from the lives of others; it’s a reality that we perceive as universal and we try to make others see it the same way we do.

We tend to forget how simple things can be, so simple that only children are able to notice them exactly as they are.

There are as many versions of reality as there are beings in the universe.


With this Project I wanted to create different interpretations of reality in the same way that our mind tends to do this. It is through using our vision that we are aware of how our mental processes can distort things.

I used photography as my medium to instate an objectified reality and with the help of digital processes I wanted to imitate our mental veils so as to create spaces and visions that are completely outside our reach, outside of our imagination.

Nevertheless reality does remain unique. I hope you’ll have fun.!

"To understand the mystery of this One-essence is to be released from all entanglements. When all things are seen without differentiation, you return to the origin and remain what you are."

Verses on the "Perfect Mind" by Master Sosan, Third Patriarch of Zen


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